This featured performance is more appropriate for seated spectators in a smaller setting. Now you can take your next private party, birthday or special celebration from ordinary to extraordinary! Phil’s audience engaging act incorporates innovative world class magic fused with a distinctly playful blend of humor. His dynamic performance style is highly entertaining and provides a crowd pleasing magic show that leaves everyone wanting more.

Imagine an ordinary silk scarf tied into a knot that instantly produces a billiard ball! Phil demonstrates his skillful craft with a standard deck of playing cards to produce money, laughter and gasps of astonishment. These amazing tools for deception involves skeptics (there’s always one), illusions, borrowed money and believe it or not a famous chick(???).

Additional effects are added to customize the show for your specific event needs, but the finale is nothing short of spectacular. Phil performs his award-winning cups and ball routine that will have everyone wondering, what just happened? The fact is, Phil will captivate your imagination with an unforgettable surprising experience.